Smart Bed With Extra Functional Storage (Sky Blue)


Furnitures House is an Organization that provides Furniture Stuffs for you. Buy Online Furniture with the best quality then we welcome you with so many kinds of stuff that you want for your house that will change your home interior with the elegance in which we are introducing you with Smart Bed With Extra Functional Storage (Sky Blue).


Smart Bed With Extra Functional Storage (Sky Blue)

Description:- Smart Bed King Sized size bed on-demand, Structure made by solid plywood 18 mm & 12 mm, foam feather 42 density, premium quality fabric/leatherette, This is very strong bad, adjustable headrest

Features:- Strong Hydraulic storage with laminate plywood, Charging point is available, USB point, Book reading lamp is available, Nick massage portion is available, Designer Headrest is available, more colors are available, moral stories, storage puffy, Locker on-demand, Full body massage on- demand, No compromise in quality, adjustable headrest

*Customization is available


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