Payment Policy

By using any of the payment methods described on the website for any of your purchases, Furnitures House shall not be responsible or liable in respect of any loss or damage arising directly or indirectly from You due to the following reasons:

  • Lack of authorizations for any transaction
  • Exceeding the pre-established limit mutually agreed between You and the Bank
  • Any payment issues arising from the transaction
  • Denial of the transaction for any other reason
  • What forms of payment are acceptable?

Furnitures House accepts all forms of electronic payment means and services, such as credit/debit cards and third-party payment services, etc.

All payments made against purchases/services made by you on the website shall compulsorily be made in Indian National Rupees acceptable in the Republic of India. The Website will not facilitate transaction(s) in any other form of currency for any form of purchase made on the Website.

You understand, accept and agree that the Furnitures House payment service is not a banking or financial service, but merely a facilitator providing an online automated electronic payment service using existing authorized banking infrastructure and networks. electronic card payment gateway. Through these facilities, Furnitures House does not act as a trustee or act in a fiduciary capacity with respect to the Transactions or the Transaction Price.

As a customer, you understand that by initiating a Transaction, you are entering into a legally binding and enforceable contract with Furnitures House or its affiliated vendors to purchase Furnitures House’s products or services using our Payment Service. and You must pay the Transaction Price through Your Issuing Bank to Furnitures House through the Payment Service.

Is there any kind of additional or hidden fees?

No, there is no hidden fee on purchases made by you at Furnitures House. We also do not charge any shipping or handling fees. However, on all discount coupons, a 2.5% processing fee is applied to the total price of your purchase. This fee includes government taxes that apply to the discount coupon and are paid by us.

How are my electronic payments processed?

All valid credit/cash debit cards and other payment instruments are processed using a credit card payment gateway or appropriate payment system infrastructure, and will also be governed by the terms and conditions agreed between Buyer and Buyer. respective issuing bank and the payment instrument. issuing company. Furnitures House does not store, in any way, the information of your Credit/Debit cards.

All online bank transfers from valid bank accounts are processed using the gateway provided by the respective issuing bank that supports the payment mechanism to provide these services to users. All online bank transfers in the payment mechanism are also governed by the terms and conditions agreed between the Buyer and the respective issuing bank.