Luxurious 9 Seater Sofa Set U Shaped Curved Design

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Luxurious 9 Seater Sofa Set U Shaped Curved Design

A Modern Curved Round Leatherette Sofa Set gives great enhancement to your living room decoration. The seats look great and comfortable too. It provides you with great seating capacity and enough legroom as well. The marvelous design is made to complement your living room decoration. Use it in your office and make your clients feel comfortable with its modern design and comfortable features. It comes with a tea table and armrests as well for a very comfortable experience.

  • Total Length: 71.65+12.99+71.65+71.65+12.99+71.65 Inches(312.58 inches)
  • Width: 37.79 Inches(96 cm)
  • Height: 38.58 Inches(98 cm)
  • Single Seater Length: 37.40 Inches(95 cm)
  • Single Seater Width: 33.46 Inches(85 cm)
  • Single Seater Height: 38.58 Inches(98 cm)
  • Seat Height: 17.71 Inches(45 cm)


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